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In the summer of 1976 Mount Vernon Fireplaces (now Country Flame) was born in an old warehouse of downtown Mt. Vernon, Missouri. The company started with a handful of employees building what we now call our "Smart Fireplace". The Smart Fireplace, a fireplace furnace that can be duct throughout the home, has had little change since 1976. It was and still is a great selling fireplace.

At Country Flame, we strive to be on the cutting edge of design and technology. Our efforts were recognized by a panel of judges at the National HPBA Show in 2002, when Country Flame was honored to receive the coveted Vesta Award for the new Harvester Corn Burning stove and also was a finalist for the Vesta Award for the Inglenook Fireplace.


Welcome Home to a Country Flame    
Welcome Home to a Country Flame
Country Flame® has been warming homes and hearts for more than 30 years, and we continue to advance combustion through innovative research and development.

From our earliest wood-burning units to today's most sophisticated designs, we’ve combined practical efficiency with distinctive aesthetics. Now, our products are available for a variety of fuels, including wood, wood pellets, and corn.

Look around our site to get ideas on keeping your family cozy with efficiency and style. Then visit your local dealer and see how Country Flame brings it all home for you.